Weekly Farm Notes :: May 25th, 2016


I have fermenting and preserving on my mind for two reasons: 1) cabbage is here and who can think of cabbage without thinking of sauerkraut?! And 2) this is the third from last week of the CSA, so it’s a good time to think about preserving the harvest to enjoy well into the summer.

There are so many ways to preserve food but we love to lacto-ferment for the nutrition and flavor it provides. Read over this post if you are just getting started. I will also suggest investing in a Kraut Source, which makes it so easy to ferment in small batches at home.

See you tomorrow at market!


May 25th Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market {M} and in the CSA {CSA}:

  • Ford Hook Swiss Chard {M/CSA}: you can preserve Swiss chard in a number of ways, but I love incorporating it into items that can freeze well. We have a couple on the website: Swiss Chard and Orange Oat Muffins and Barley and Lentil Soup with Swiss Chard.
  • Red & White Siberian Kale Mix {M/CSA}: I haven’t used kale in a fermentation before, but for no good reason. Our kale isn’t purple but it would still work great in this Purple Kale, Cabbage and Fennel Ferment!
  • Tender Collard Greens {M/CSA}: while I haven’t had success lacto-fermenting collard greens, I love preserving collards in other ways. Our Collard Greens Relish is a personal favorite but how good does this Spicy Parmesan Collard Green Chips recipe sound?
  • Tendersweet Cabbage {M/CSA}: cabbage lends itself so well to making any number of fermented dishes. If you are intimidated to lacto-ferment at home, check out our Lacto-Fermentation Overview before you get started. When you are ready to jump in, we recommend you check out the following recipes: Classic Sauerkraut, Curtido (Salvadorian Sauerkraut), or Golden Sauerkraut (you can use your green onions in this recipe too!).
  • Red Crunchy Radish {M/CSA}: have you tried our Radish & Green Onion Tzatziki yet? If you are a falafel lover, as I am, you will definitely want this sauce for your next batch.
  • Green Onions {M/CSA}: if you don’t use your green onions in any of the other recipes mentioned here today, you can make this Picked Green Onion recipe. It’s a quick pickle recipe so it can be made in no time flat!
  • Napa Cabbage {CSA}: “Nappa” is a regional Japanese term which refers to the leaves of any vegetable, especially when used for food. This type of cabbage is popular in eastern Asia, particularly in Korea where it is used in kimchi. If you want to try your hand at lacto-fermenting, here is an interesting kimchi variation that includes apple. If you want a quicker version with almost the same flavor, here is a Quick Kimchi recipe I put together for the market website last fall.

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