Weekly Farm Notes June 12th, 2018

It’s the last week of Walking to Spring Week CSA! It’s week 2 of Session 1 Organic Egg Share pickup. Plus we’ll have veggies, plus tomato, herb, and zinnia plants for sale. Stop by and have some refreshing mint and oregano infused water!

Here are the items you can expect at market {M} and in the CSA {CSA}:

  • Note that for best results storing all root vegetables, remove the tops as soon as you get home and store separately from the roots. Use the greens first; the roots will stay fresh longer.
  • Cucumbers {M/CSA} and Daikon Radish {M}: I want to try miso-fermented pickles. Laura Robinson talks about them on the website here.
  • Napa Cabbage {M}: This week on the Main St. Farmers Market blog I shared a recipe for Roasted Napa Cabbage.
  • Red Russian and Toscano Kale {M}, Tender Collard Greens {M}, and Swiss Chard {M}: I like a mix of greens sautéed, and parboiled if they are older/tougher. I had a mixed sautéed in homemade garlic olive oil this morning at breakfast and again at lunch. We are nearing the end of the greens as we move into summer. Preserve some for later: Preserving the Harvest: Freezing.
  • Young Escarole {CSA}: Are you ready to fire up the grill? Yes, you can grill escarole! This recipe also looks good, especially with the garlic oil. This week I roasted mine with ghee. Once it was mostly ready I topped with parmesan cheese and broiled it till brown. This is an especially good recipe if you’re trying escarole with kids or others who do not care for bitter flavors.
  • Just harvested fresh Elephant Garlic {CSA}: Use in this dip along with your favorite greens.
  • Gonzalez Cabbage {M}: This is just the right sized cabbage. Use in your favorite coleslaw recipe and add any carrots, shredded, that you have left over from last week. So pretty!
  • Yellow and zucchini squash {M/CSA}: I’m so excited that it’s time for summer squash! My favorite way to cook young summer squash is to saute it in butter, then top with basil or mix in a dollop of pesto. Tonight I’m going to spiralize my squash and combine with pesto.
  • This week’s new and different veggies are Lamb’s Quarters {M/CSA} and Nasturtium leaves {CSA}: Lamb’s quarters are a weed in some areas, and cultivated in place of spinach in others. Use it as you would spinach or chard, raw or cooked. Like chard and spinach, lambs quarters are high in oxalic acid, so the flavor should be familiar. Nasturtiums have a peppery flavor. The leaves would be pretty in any salad, or try Martha’s pesto recipe.
  • Mint and oregano {M}: I’ve been drinking mint tea everyday since the weather warmed up. Oregano is an important ingredient in Italian cooking, such as our favorite pasta sauce (use 2 tablespoons fresh, or to taste, in place of the dried). Rosemary {CSA} holds up well to roasting so it’s a good seasoning to use with vegetables you choose to cook that way. My dad likes to put a sprig in his tea each morning.

Organic Egg Shares available, 1 dozen a week for 12 weeks! Don’t wait to get signed up! You can come see us at market or go to Tant Hill Farm Egg Shares Call 423-637-9793 for more info!

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