Our Farm

Gina and Mark BarnTant Hill Farm is a 100 year old farm that still has the old homestead, barn and hand dug well in use. The land is on rolling hills and fertile soil that give a perfect environment to produce naturally grown fruits and vegetables. Mark and Gina Tant pride themselves in caring for and producing a wide variety of beautiful, nutrient dense fruits and vegetables. There are no chemicals or man-made products used on the farm.

Happy hens are raised for Organic eggs. All hens are kept on free range pasture where they can enjoy the sunshine, exercise, eat bugs and grass. When feed is required they are given USDA certified organic feed that is Wheat and Soy free.

See here for more information about CSA Membership!

Young Farmers. Photography by Dotson Studios.

eat sleep farm

4 thoughts on “Our Farm

  1. norma

    Hey i was wondering if you guys need help around the farm and are hiring people.I am looking for a job to work on a farm and do any tasks given.

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