Weekly Farm Notes :: Oct 7th, 2015


We had a few more CSA shares open up this week so please pass this onto anyone who is looking for nutritious, delicious food! Here is the link to our CSA information.

See you at market!


October 6th Produce

The amount of crops available at market is still TBD this week due to rain. Those listed below are included in the CSA:

  • Hakurei and Scarlet Salad Turnips: I fermented thinly sliced radishes and salad turnips last week and they were nice and funky after 5 days. There are lots of variations out there but this is the one I used.
  • Daikon Radishes and Greens: looking for a way to use your radish greens? Here is a new recipe for Black Beans and Radish Greens Dip – it couldn’t be easier.
  • Pak Choi: check out our new recipe for Triple Sesame Noodles with Pak Choi!
  • Butter and Red Leaf Lettuce: if you haven’t done so yet, check out our Essential Elements to a Satisfying Salad post. Salad should never be boring.
  • Potatoes: when I saw both potatoes and garlic on the list this week, my mind immediately went to potato and garlic soup. There are so many variations, but why not try something like this and then incorporate your greens into it?
  • Garlic: I know there are so many ways to use garlic, but if you are looking for something new, try fermenting your garlic cloves. I roughly followed these instructions last spring and I am still using the garlic. It is SO good and the resulting brine is like pickle brine but with an intense garlic kick. Not sure how I will use the brine but it definitely won’t go down the drain.
  • Apples from Wheelers Organic Orchard: have you ever compared the flavor of local, organic apples to those you get at the supermarket? I bought some organic apples, grown in Washington, last week from a local organic grocer and they were so bland compared to what is available from Wheelers. Take advantage of the season and enjoy apples at their peak of freshness!

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