Stir Fried Spicy Asian Greens with Kimchi from the Kitchen of Blackwell Smith

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These Spicy Asian Greens are great additions to salads, smoothies and sandwiches. Alone and raw they can dominate the plate. Long simmering can break them. We needed a way to tame them not break them. This is a fun, easy and quick recipe. Be ready to move fast once you start cooking.

-1 bunch Spicy Asian Greens
-1 bunch Spicy Asian Rabe
-1 cup kimchi with liquid
-2 Tablespoons vegetable oil
-5 Spring onions
-1 inch piece of ginger
– sea salt


-Tear greens into small pieces (picture will show you what you want)
-Wash and cut onions into 1 inch pieces
-Slice 1/8 inch coins out of ginger then lay on side cutting 1/8 inch julienne strips
-Heat large saute pan till smoking hot (put a couple of drops of oil in pan when it smokes your ready)
-Add oil to smoking hot pan stir in onion and ginger keep it moving for thirty seconds
-Add greens to pan and spread them out let sit for 15 seconds
-Begin to turn over greens we need to wilt and get a little color on greens season with a few pinches of salt
-Add 2 or 3 tablespoons of kimchi liquid that will finish cooking and remove pan from heat
-Split greens into portions and add cold kimchi on top and serve

This is a very flavorful dish. It’s best to share with people who like strong flavors. Enjoy!!!

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