Farm Notes March 29

We have an exciting array of vegetables for you this week as we continue to Walk Into Spring. New things are growing all the time, both on the farm and in the beautiful Pigeon Mountain area. Heres what you can look forward to this week!

We are at Nutrition World Farmers Market every Saturday from 11:30am-1pm.

See you at Main Street Farmers Market on Wednesday from 4-6pm.


March 29nd Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market {M} and in the CSA {CSA}:

  • Toscano Kale {CSA} Red Russian and Siberian Kale {M}
  • Rainbow {M} and Giant Ford Hook Swiss Chard {M/CSA}
  • Colorful Spring Radish (M/CSA]
  • Spicy Asian Mustard Greens {CSA}
  • Tender Spring Collards {CSA}
  • Red Kitten Spinach {M/CSA}
  • Collard and Spicy Asian Raab {M}
  • Herbs: Rosemary {M/CSA}, Parsley, Oregano, Tarragon, Sweet Mint, and Peppermint {M}
  • Edible Asian and Arugula Flowers {M}
  • Medicinal and Nutrient Dense Chickweed for Smoothies, Teas or Tincture

“The first gathering of salads, radishes and herbs made me feel like a mother about her baby—how could anything so beautiful be mine?” Alice B. Toklas

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