Weekly Farm Notes :: Sep 23rd, 2015


We are in the process of adding more information to our website that we think you will find useful. First, we have added a tab with produce pictures and detailed information, including storage tips, nutrition and recipe links. Second, we added a tab that will allow you to easily search our recipes. Both tabs are a work in process so please check back weekly for updated information. Please let us know if you are looking for additional information and we would be happy to include it!

See you at market!


September 23rd Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market (denoted by M) and/or in the CSA (denoted by CSA):

  • Summerfest Komatsuna {CSA}: I simply chopped this up last week and added it to a basic miso soup recipe (along with some brown rice to make it a complete meal). This recipe takes just 15 minutes!
  • Swiss Chard {CSA}: this is my kind of recipe – protein, veggies and cheese in one bowl makes my heart happy.
  • Snap Green Beans {CSA}: do you ever have left over cornbread that gets a bit dry? I had some last week that I crumbled and sauteed in butter until brown and crispy. I sprinkled the cornbread crumbles over steamed green beans for a tasty side dish.
  • Hakurei Salad Turnips {CSA}: we roasted our salad turnips and radishes last week and added them to a simple barley salad. Check out our recipe here!
  • Collard Greens {M/CSA}: I am thinking ahead to cooler weather and the holidays and this Collard Green Gratin sounds like something I should try soon.
  • Royal Radishes and Greens {M/CSA}: we roasted our salad turnips and radishes last week and added them to a simple barley salad. Check out our recipe here!
  • Siberian Kale {M/CSA}: we are big smoothie fans here at Tant Hill! We love adding greens to our smoothies and kale is the perfect option. Check out our Pinterest page where we have gathered some recipes from around the web.
  • Pak Choi {M/CSA}: check out our quick, delicious recipe for Raw Spicy Pak Choi Salad. Serve this along side one of my favorite weeknight dinners of rice topped with a fried egg. It’s the best type of fast food.
  • Okra {M}: we have a couple okra recipes on the website for you to try – Quick Pickled Okra and Fresh Okra Cakes. I am also experimenting with dehydrating okra this week and will report back!
  • Arugula {M}: umm, why haven’t I made this salad before?! It’s a great use for your radishes too.
  • Spicy Asian Greens {M}: these greens deserve a great dressing. Check out the dressing section of our Essential Elements to a Satisfying Salad post and easily make your own!
  • Yukina Savoy {M}: this green looks like tatsoi but actually belongs to the Brassica family along with cabbage, broccoli and kale. You can use it any way that you would use spinach but here is a simple recipe for Mushrooms and Yukina Savoy if you need some inspiration.


Other :: Alice O’Dea Article

Have you read Alice O’Dea’s latest article? This week she discusses making a roux – an essential element for many sauces and stews. Learn this now and use it all Fall and Winter long!