Weekly Farm Notes :: December 7th, 2016


This is the last week of this season’s CSA. We will be in contact via email for those that need an extension. We have plenty of preservation recipes below if you want to extend your bounty for the weeks and months to come!

Still looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of health with a CSA share! Stop by our booth or call us at 423-637-9796 to purchase. For other ideas, Alice O’Dea has a wonderful list you can find here.

Also, don’t forgot we will be attending the Nutrition World Farmers Market every Saturday from 11am-1pm. Stop by and say hey!

See you at market!


December 7th Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market {M} and in the CSA {CSA}:

  • Red Butter Lettuce {M/CSA}: there aren’t many ways (that I know of, at least!) to preserve lettuce but here is a great soup that you can make and then freeze for later – Lettuce Soup with Fontina Gratin.
  • Jerusalem Artichokes {M/CSA}: if you aren’t familiar with these tubers (which are also called Sunchokes), check out all of the recipe ideas at this link. In addition, I have thinly sliced, dehydrated and then ground these up to make a powder. I then added it to mashed potatoes and other starchy dishes for an extra flavor boost.
  • Awesome Asian & Lettuce Mix {M/CSA}: back to preserving lettuce – some people actually freeze it raw and then use it later. The leaves will definitely loose their crunch when thawed but they can be used for soups or casseroles. To learn more, read this post: How to Freeze Lettuce Leaves.
  • Variety of Kale {M/CSA}: no food preservation list is complete without a pesto recipe. I particularly love our Super Greens & Sunflower Seed Pesto recipe. You can use just about any greens you have on hand or use a variety for a more complex flavor.
  • Rainbow & Giant Food Hook Swiss Chard {M/CSA}: while we don’t have pak choi this week, our Swiss chard would be a great substitute in our Edamame & Pak Choi Salad. You can thinly slice the stems and add them along with the greens. As an added bonus, you can toss in some of our green onions as well.
  • Dragon Tongue, Spicy Asian & Giant Red Mustard Greens {M/CSA}: have you ever tried Pickled Mustard Greens? We have a recipe for Quick Pickled Radish Leaves that you could try as well.
  • Kohlrabi {CSA}: I have two preservation thoughts for kohlrabi: 1) you could make a batch of our Sauerruben if you like to ferment or 2) you could try our Miso Pickles. You will get a very different end result depending on which you chose but you can’t go wrong.
  • Green Onions {CSA}: one way to preserve green onions is to use them in our Green Onion Yogurt Flatbread and then freeze the bread. Be sure to freeze each piece individually and then stack them in a ziplock bag to store.
  • Tender Collards {M}: these “Cheesy” Collard Green Chips don’t last longer than an hour in our house. Similar to store bought chips, these keep you coming back for more (but you don’t feel guilty in the process)!
  • Summerfest Asian Greens {M}: here is a fun post on Asian Greens in which the author provides a Garlic Buttermilk Dressing at the end that would go great with these or any number of our other greens.
  • Organic, Range Free, Soy Free Eggs {M}: I gotta admit, the sound of pickled eggs has never appealed to me. I can just find so many other ways to use farm fresh eggs! But…if you find yourself with an oversupply, this recipe might be a good one to try.
  • Bold & Peppery Arugula {M}: pureed soups are great for the freezer. I think this Creamy Vegan Arugula Soup sounds like a great way to preserve arugula!
  • Wasabi Arugula {M}: while this isn’t technically “pesto”, you can use the sauce in a similar fashion. I think you could substitute some of the herbs with our wasabi arugula and leave out one or both of the jalapenos (sine the greens will give it some spice). Yum!

Weekly Farm Notes :: Dec 2nd, 2015


This is the last week of our “Falling into Greens” CSA session. We are offering three separate pickups this week – 1st at market tomorrow, 2nd at Brainard Market on Saturday and 3rd on Main Street on Saturday. Please make sure you have prearranged your pickup with Mark & Gina.

In case you missed it, we have a new preservation post this week on Stem Jam. We get a lot of greens and a lot of stems! Stash them away in the freezer and make this jam at the end of the week.


December 2nd Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market (denoted by M) and/or in the CSA (denoted by CSA):

  • Tender Collards {M/CSA}: I have been interested in making West African Peanut Soup for a while, but it is definitely on my list now that I found a recipe with collard greens added in!
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard {M/CSA}: although the cold and rain makes us crave cooked, hearty food, don’t neglect getting a daily dose of raw greens! This article will give you lot of tips to make a Swiss chard smoothie taste great.
  • Red Russian & Toscano Kale {M/CSA}: noodles of any kind make for quick weeknight meals. Check out this Garlic Soba Noodles recipe and toss in any number of the greens suggested.
  • Spicy Large Leaf Arugula {M/CSA}: the spiciness of these greens is a great counterpoint to richer dishes. Add some to egg salad, pizza or mac’n’cheese!
  • Red & Green Mild Mustard {CSA}: check out our new Indian Inspired Green Sauce with Potatoes for a tasty way to use your mustard greens!
  • Beets {CSA}: have you tried beet kvass yet? I tried it for the first time a month ago and loved the results! I fermented mine a few days longer than is recommended in the link above so mine was probably a bit funkier. I used most of the juice and beets in smoothies but the juice is great straight, mixed with syrups or sparkling water or in a cocktail.
  • Daikon Radish {CSA}: although this Sweet Pickled Daikon Radish recipe was designed for canning, just store in the refrigerator to keep it easy.
  • Kohlrabi {CSA}: our Kohlrabi Hash Browns recipe is great for a quick weeknight meal or a lazy Sunday brunch.
  • Green Butterhead & Drunken Woman Frizzy Headed Lettuce {CSA}: looking for some salad inspiration? Take a look at The Essential Elements to a Satisfying Salad post and make a salad you’ll love.
  • Spicy Asian Mustard Greens {M}: check out our new Indian Inspired Green Sauce with Potatoes for a tasty way to use your mustard greens!
  • Jerusalem Artichokes {M}: have you tried these fried yet? I have made “chips” where they were thinly sliced and then fried but I haven’t tried them battered and fried. This recipe sounds great if you want to try your hand at it!
  • Awesome Asian Salad Mix {M}: sometimes, you just need to hard boil or fry and egg and call it dinner. Spice that idea up a bit and make this Mixed Green Salad with Egg, Avocado and Creamy Lemon-Dill Dressing.
  • Cilantro {M}: we all need quick, flavorful, make-ahead sauces that taste great on just about anything. Add this vegan Spicy Cilantro Sauce recipe to the list.


Alice O’Dea Article

Have you read Alice O’Dea’s recent article? This week, she explores the wonders of making a pan sauce…if you haven’t made one before, you need this information!

Weekly Farm Notes :: Nov 24th, 2015


Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? If you waiting until the last minute to figure out your meal, we hope you find some ideas below. Also, don’t forget that the end of the “Fall into Greens” CSA session is ending soon so preserve the bounty now!

A reminder: all of those stems from your greens are edible! Adding them to smoothies is always an option but I like the ideas on this post. Also, look for a “Stem Jam” recipe coming soon!

See you at market tomorrow (not Wednesday) and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


November 24th Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market (denoted by M) and/or in the CSA (denoted by CSA):

  • Carrots {M/CSA}: check out our latest post – Carrot and Turmeric Soup! This would be an easy, make-ahead side dish if you are still planning your Thanksgiving meal. Also, don’t forget that you can eat the carrot tops!
  • Jerusalem Artichokes {M/CSA}: there is one important thing to know about the composition of Jerusalem artichokes – they are rich in a carbohydrate called inulin and very low in starch. This makes them great for those who wish to avoid starchy foods but they can also be difficult to digest in large quantities. Check out this, this and this for more information.
  • Siberian Kale Mix {M/CSA}: how genius is this “Salad Booster” – a combination of toasted nori, kale, sunflower seeds and lemon zest?! This is definitely on my list of things to try ASAP!
  • Red Leaf & Red Butter Lettuce {M/CSA}: how do you store your lettuce? This link tells you how to keep your greens fresher, longer!
  • Ford Hook Swiss Chard {M/CSA}: kale gets all the attention but Swiss chard deserves some of the lime light! Check out this link for lots of recipe ideas – I especially like the sound of Bread Soup with Onions, Chard and Mushrooms for Thanksgiving.
  • Awesome Asian Salad Mix {M/CSA}: there are LOTS of Asian salad recipes out there but I think this one looks the best (no crispy ramen topping included, which is a good thing in my book). Just substitute the salad mix for the kale.
  • Pak Choi {CSA}: if you need something on the lighter side post Thanksgiving, give our Triple Sesame Noodles with Pak Choi a try!
  • Garlic {CSA}: I just got The Joy of Pickling cookbook and wow, it’s fantastic. If you are a fan of pickling, I would suggest you pick up a copy (I got mine for $6 on Ebay). See the Chinese Pickled Garlic recipe below for a fast and flavorful way to preserve your garlic.
  • Tender Collards {M}: these Chickpea, Cashew and Collard Green Patties can be made ahead and frozen. No need for greasy carry out when you have these stashed away in the freezer!
  • Spicy Large Leaf Arugula {M}: I am fascinated by another cookbook I picked up this week – Preserving the Japanese Way. There is a recipe for Wild Arugula with Walnut Miso that I am dying to try. If it turns out well, I will definitely post it soon!
  • Spicy Asian Mustard Greens {M}: hot damn, this vegan Mustard Greens Soup with Poblanos and Almonds sounds delicious! I love how simple ingredients can come together to make a special meal.


Recipe :: Chinese Pickled Garlic

This recipe is from The Joy of Pickling and makes about 1 cup.


  • 1 cup garlic cloves
  • 1/2 cup rice vinegar, white wine vinegar or distilled vinegar
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon pickling salt


  • Put the garlic into a half-pint jar. Stir together the vinegar, sugar and salt and pour the liquid over the garlic. Cap the jar and store it in the refrigerator or another cool, dark place for at least 1 month before using the garlic. It should keep well for 1 year or more. After opening the jar, store it in the refrigerator.


Alice O’Dea Article

Have you read Alice O’Dea’s recent article? Take her advice and make a yummy soup from your Thanksgiving leftovers!