Farm Notes May 24, 2017

Hello all! Hope you are having a lovely day, despite the rain. Think of it as an opportunity to get cozy in the kitchen and whip up something comforting, like our recent recipe for Appalachian Sage Cornbread! We’ll be at the Main Street Market this afternoon from 4-6PM as always, rain or shine, at the corner of Main and Chestnut Streets. We hope you’re loving the new location as much as we are!


1. Small Napa Cabbage
2. Daikon Radish
3. Green Leaf Lettuce
4. Hakurei Salad Turnips
5. Red Russian Kale
6. Swiss Chard
7. Young Pak Choi


1. Red Russian and Toscano Kale
2. Tender Collard Greens
3. Beautiful Red Leaf Lettuce
4. Tropicana Green Leaf Lettuce
5. Giant Ford Hook and Rainbow Swiss Chard
6. Alpine Daikon Radish
7. Colorful Wildflower and Zinnia arrangements
8. A variety of herbs, including Sage

Also, don’t forget  to ask about our Farmers Market Gift Share. You choose the price! Will make a perfect gift of health for you or a loved one! Call farm phone 423-637-9793.

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