Farm Notes May 9: Mothers Day Lettuces!

We hope you had fun at last week’s Spring-A-Ma-Jig! It was great seeing everyone and we are continuing to love the new Main Street Farmers Market location, especially as the Tennessee weather heats up! This week we have more delicious spring goodness for you, including:

1. Red Butter and Red Leaf Lettuce
2. Red Russian and Siberian Kale
3. Tender Collard Greens
4. Swiss Chard
5. Garlic Chives
6. Pak Choi
7. Hakurei Salad Turnips
8. Flowers for Mothers Day!

1. Red Russian and Toscano Kale
2. Young Tender Red Russian Kale (great for salad)
3. Tender Collard Greens (use as a wrap or raw collard salad)
4. Purple Kohlrabi
5. Beautiful Red Leaf Lettuce
6. Tropicana Green Leaf Lettuce
7. Tender Red Butter Lettuce
8. Giant Ford Hook and Rainbow Swiss Chard
9. Alpine Daikon Radish
10. Hakurei and Scarlet Salad Turnips
11. Edible flowers for a beautiful salad
12. A variety of herbs.

We also have a fabulous Mother’s Day Special: All lettuce 2 for $5!

All these nutritious greens are so versatile. Salad, soup, sauté, with eggs, green smoothies!

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