Weekly Farm Notes :: March 2nd, 2016


We are in between CSA sessions currently with the “Walking to Spring” session starting March 16th or 23rd. It is currently full but we may open more shares so please check back with us if interested!

See you tomorrow at market!


March 2nd Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market:

  • Toscano, Red Russian and Siberian Kale: check out our latest post – Super Greens & Sunflower Seed Pesto. There isn’t anything revolutionary here but I do like a pesto recipe that uses seeds over other expensive nuts. Also, the flavor of sunflower seeds stands up really nicely to a mix of greens but just plain kale would work great too.
  • Swiss Chard: I try to only go to the grocery store once, maybe twice a week. So there are times when there isn’t much left in the refrigerator and I need to feed a hungry 2-year-old (not to mention myself and an equally hungry husband). That is where this type of recipe comes in – bread, veggies and cheese will make anyone happy. You could really use any type of veggie but I think sauteed greens would be delicious.
  • Tender Collards: I am planning to use the collards from last week in a sweet potato coconut soup tonight. If the recipe turns out well, I will share it in a few days!
  • Mild Red Mustard: I haven’t experimented with mustard greens raw but I think this recipe, where it is tossed with walnuts, pears, Pecorino and a persimmon-shallot vinaigrette, sounds like a great salad option.
  • Peppery Arugula & Spicy Wasabi Arugula Flowers: these flowers would be a great addition to our Wasabi Arugula Rice Salad with Miso-Ginger Dressing recipe. You could use all sorts of greens in place of the wasabi arugula and then just top each plate with the flowers.
  • Chickweed: a couple options for the chickweed – 1) I think it would be great in our Dead Nettle and Henbit Pistou or 2) in this Chickweed Power Salad recipe. The pistou comes together in minutes whereas the salad takes a while to put together. Both delicious in very different ways but equally as enjoyable to consume 🙂


Alice O’Dea Article

Have you read Alice O’Dea’s recent article? This week Alice shares her favorite online resources for home cooks – one of which is our blog!!

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