Weekly Farm Notes :: January 27th, 2016


Well, what a change in weather from last week! It is nice to have a little dose of winter but I don’t like it enough to cancel market!

Just a reminder – if you are on social media, please tag any pictures you post with #tanthillfarm so we can see what you create with our produce!

See you tomorrow at market!


January 27th Produce

Here are the items you can expect at Market {M} or in the CSA share {CSA}:

  • Tender Collards {M/CSA}: I have been experimenting with a Collard Green Relish lately based on this recipe. I used the entire leaf and not just the stem, although you can certainly just use the stems if you are using the rest of the plant elsewhere. I am planning to post this recipe next week so keep an out for it!
  • Rainbow Swiss Chard {M/CSA}: A couple ideas: 1) chard may seem too “earthy” in flavor to include in a smoothie but when paired with berries, banana, ginger, and mint, it’s a great way to enjoy these greens raw! 2) Don’t throw away these beautiful stems! Check out this recipe for Picked Chard Stems for a wonderful condiment for rice and other grains!
  • Red Russian, Siberian & Toscano Kale {M/CSA}: if you feel like you are in a kale rut, check out these 10 Creative Recipes with Kale. They have everything from kale guacamole to kale brownies!
  • Spicy Asian Mustard Greens {M}: look no further than our newest recipe for Mustard Greens Soup with Poblanos and Almonds! It’s quick, flavorful and can work for just about any dietary restriction. We hope you give it a try!
  • Kohlrabi {CSA}: if you want to get your fermenting on this week, here are some options: Natural-Fermented Kohlrabi, Kohlrabi Kraut, and Dilly Kohlrabi Pickles. As always, don’t throw away the leaves! Check out our post on Kohlrabi Greens Furikake for a little inspiration!
  • Awesome Asian Salad Mix {CSA}: I am really excited to try the mix this week, which contains spinach, chickweed and curly green and red kale. Have you tried chickweed before? It is valued both as food and medicine (they are so intertwined, right?!). It is high in Vitamin C and calcium and has been used to treat diseases of inflammation such as dermatitis or gastritis. Check out more information here.
  • Thyme {CSA}: this recipe for Walnut-Thyme Honey sounds like an easy and flavorful way to use this herb. Imagine how great the walnuts taste after soaking in honey for a month…yum.


Alice O’Dea Article

Have you read Alice O’Dea’s recent article? Don’t overlook tomato sauce – it can be so much more than spaghetti sauce!

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