Fall & Winter CSA Details!


Mark and Gina are only bringing cut flowers to market tonight, giving them plenty of time to discuss our upcoming Fall & Winter CSA! The Fall session starts in just a couple of months so sign up tonight to guarantee your share! If you can’t make it to market, email us at food@tanthillfarm.com to sign up. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to growing with you!


Becoming a shareholder of Tant Hill Farm’s CSA offering is an excellent way to provide you and and your family with a trustworthy source of highly nutritious, real food every week during the growing season. A CSA provides a way for you to support a local farm and in turn know where your food comes from while helping the environment, the economy, and the community while enjoying a commitment to a worthy cause.

Our Fall 2015 / Winter 2016 CSA offerings include:

  • “Fall Into Greens” Session:
    • Runs 12 weeks from September to November
    • Cost is $350 for 6-8 items weekly
  • “Deep Winter” Session:
    • Runs 6 weeks from January to February
    • Cost is $190 for 6-8 items weekly
  • “Walking to Spring” Session:
    • Runs 12 weeks from March to May
    • Cost is $380 for 6-8 items weekly
  • We are offering a 5% discount if you sign up for all 3 sessions!

This year, we are pleased to offer these additional benefits to our CSA program:

  1. New pick up hours at Main Street Farmers Market extended to 3-6pm. We are considering other pickup locations as well.

  2. Regular shareholder meetings with emphasis on food, recipes, healthy living and any important topics.

  3. Chef Laura Robinson will continue her food blog, and on occasion lead cooking demonstrations.

  4. A 10% discount at our market booth for anything you’d like outside of what is in your share that week.

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