Planting Party Success!

Thanks to all who came out for the Fall Planting Party at Tant Hill Farm this past Sunday!  It was great fun!

Gina said that, all total, we got over 600 plants in the ground!   How great is it to know that we will be enjoying those salad greens in just a few weeks?  Grow, baby, grow!

After planting, we enjoyed some fantastic Pie Slingers Pizza, farm fresh greens, homemade tea, and s’mores galore, all while being entertained by the very talented Amy and Bruce!

We finished out the night with a large (incredibly large, actually) bonfire.

Roasting marshmallows became a full-contact sport… this little guy spent most of the night on his stomach…

A HUGE thanks to Mark and Gina for hosting such a wonderful night for us co-growers and lovers of all things local!

I don’t know about you, but I sure do love knowing my farmers!

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